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We will be the first to tell you that you can absolutely work on your own personal injury case. You might even wonder what a Daytona injury lawyer can really do for you that you cannot do yourself. These are natural considerations to take into account if you’ve been injured in some way and are seeking compensation. There are benefits, some you might not have thought about, when choosing to work with a personal injury lawyer in Daytona. Here are 5 advantages you will want to learn more about when working with an attorney on your particular injury case.

A Daytona Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How Much Your Case is Worth

Chances are, you are unsure about how much your personal injury case is worth. You have likely seen some numbers thrown around on the internet, and it’s great to do your own research, but these are not a good representation of your circumstances. Each personal injury case has their own unique set of facts, these facts are what determine what your settlement is worth. An online personal injury calculator isn’t going to take those things into consideration. A personal injury lawyer in Daytona can help you determine the following:

  • Value your pain and suffering
  • Decipher the policies of insurance companies
  • Negotiate in your best interests
  • Use experience to get the most of a settlement

A Daytona Injury Lawyer Knows The Legal System

Personal injury claims have a precise legal process, one that can hurt your case if you don’t adhere to. An experienced attorney is well versed in the legal proceedings of these types of cases to ensure your claim doesn’t get dismissed. Insurance companies are standing by waiting to have your case tossed on a technicality. Some of the procedural tasks your lawyer will do are:

  • File appropriate legal documents on your behalf
  • Complete the filings properly and include required data
  • Use experience when determining legal filings
  • Understand the laws including the statute of limitations

 A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Improve Your Chances of Winning

Insurance companies are typically ready to battle any and all insurance claims, especially if you are fighting alone. They have tools and resources to win these cases that you just simply do not have access to. These companies know this, and unfortunately, will use your lack of knowledge to avoid paying you the compensation you’re owed.

When you decide to work with a Daytona injury lawyer, an insurance company cannot use the same strategies they use on those who forego a lawyer. Like the insurance companies, Graham Law Group has tools and resources, and we are ready to use them for your personal injury case.

Daytona Personal Injury Lawyers are Motivated

Most injury cases are done on a contingency basis depending on the facts of a claim. This is excellent news for you because this means your attorney doesn’t get paid until you do. This is motivation for your lawyer but also encourages them to seek the maximum compensation for your damages. While some personal injury cases can take time if they are complicated, a Daytona personal injury lawyer wants to move your case along as quickly as possible. You could settle your claim quickly with the insurance company, but you might only get 5%-35% of what they might otherwise award you if you used an attorney. While you might wait a little longer for compensation when using an injury lawyer in Daytona, your chances of getting everything you need to recover from an accident are most likely positive.

A Daytona Injury Lawyer Goes to Trial

Less than 5% of personal injury cases see the inside of a courtroom. However, in the event your case cannot be settled out of court, your attorney can actually represent you in front of a judge. Insurance companies know that if a jury hears your case, it’s a good bet that the jury will side with you as the victim. This reason alone is why most injury cases are settled out of court. The fact is, however, that plenty of cases will not come to a settlement. If this happens to you, having an injury lawyer in Daytona will be in your favor.

We hope this gives you some knowledge around why hiring a Daytona personal injury lawyer is in your best interest. Regardless if you believe you have a case or not, if you’ve been injured in some way, we encourage you to contact us today so we can learn more about your case. The knowledge you gain by learning about your rights will serve you well as you navigate the personal injury legal process.