Ten Frequently Asked Questions in Personal Injury Law for Daytona Beach

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, slip and fall accident, or in another type of serious accident in Daytona Beach, Florida you may understandably have many questions. Depending on the nature of your injury and the complexity of your case, pursuing a personal injury claim can involve many steps, many of which you may be unfamiliar with. Every case is unique, and victims of accidents might want to rely on the counsel of a personal injury lawyer like Trakina Graham at the Graham Law Group, LLC in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here are some general answers to ten of the most frequently asked questions personal injury victims tend to ask.

  1. What should I do after a personal injury accident in Daytona Beach, Florida? In the immediate aftermath of any accident, it is important to protect your safety and the safety of others around you. Call for emergency help. Call the police to make a report. And call your insurance company to report the accident. If you can, take photos of the scene of the accident, photograph your injuries and any damage to your vehicle or personal property. Get the contact information of other parties involved in your crash and get the names of witnesses who saw your accident take place. Seek medical attention, even if you think you are fine. Some injuries can take days or weeks before they become apparent or symptoms show. When you do go see the doctor, follow your doctor’s instructions closely. Finally, reach out to the Graham Law Group, LLC. Our personal injury attorney can help you navigate the next steps in the claims process.
  2. How much is my personal injury case worth? Every case is unique and the value of your case will depend on many factors, including the seriousness of your injuries, the time you may have had to miss from work, and the negligence of the other party in your crash. The Graham Law Group, LLC are personal injury lawyers in Daytona Beach who can review your medical bills and rehabilitation expenses, and estimate the value of future medical costs based on expert advice and the nature of your injuries. We can also look into any wages you lost due to missed time from work. If you are disabled as a result of your accident, we can speak to experts to estimate your earning capacity to determine the value of your lost earnings. We can also review the seriousness of your injuries and take the time to understand how your accident has impacted and changed your life. Using special formulas, we can estimate the value of your pain and suffering damages. Finally, the value of your claim will also be connected to how much at fault the other party is for your crash, so the Graham Law Group, LLC will take the time to gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and review police reports to build a case showing the negligence the other party may have had in your crash.
  3. What is negligence? Negligence refers to another person or party’s failure to take proper care when acting. A distracted driver, or a drunk driver, for example, could be considered negligent in a crash because drivers have a duty to pay attention to the road and to avoid drinking and driving. Speeding, running stop signs, or aggressive driving can also be considered negligent. When we get behind the wheel, we all have a duty to take precautions and to be as safe as possible. Negligence occurs when drivers make careless mistakes. The Graham Law Group, LLC are personal injury attorneys in Daytona Beach, Florida who can establish negligence if another party was at fault for your crash.
  4. What if I am also at fault for my accident? Sometimes both parties in a car accident played a role in the crash. If you are partially at fault for an accident, your damages may be reduced by the percentage of fault you are found to have. However, before accepting blame for an accident, it is wise to speak to the personal injury lawyers at the Graham Law Group, LLC. Our lawyers can review your case and help you understand how negligence is determined and who is at fault.
  5. Will my personal injury case go to court? The good news is that many personal injury cases won’t go to court. Many cases can be settled outside of court. The Graham Law Group, LLC can seek a settlement from insurance companies and negligent parties through strongly-worded demand letters and out of court negotiation. However, our firm can take cases to court, when necessary. In most cases, victims can receive the compensation they may deserve without a court case.
  6. How long can I wait before filing a claim? Under Florida law, you have four years from the time of your accident to pursue a personal injury claim. Florida’s statute of limitations on personal injury claims is four years. However, some injuries may not be discovered on the day your accident takes place. Take, for example, a car accident victim who goes on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, but only receives a diagnosis months after a crash. You are entitled to make a claim four years from the date you learn about your injury.
  7. What should I not do after a personal injury accident? Avoid posting about your accident on social media and avoid making any official statements to insurance adjusters. Anything you say or do after an accident can be used in your case. Speak to the personal injury lawyers at the Graham Law Group, LLC in Daytona Beach, first.
  8. How should I go about making an insurance claim? After a car accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company may be responsible for paying for damages to your vehicle and for your medical expenses. You should report all accidents to insurance companies after a crash takes place. If the other driver doesn’t have insurance or is underinsured, your insurance may be able to cover the damages. In some cases, the negligent party may be responsible for paying for expenses out of pocket. The Graham Law Group, LLC are personal injury lawyers in Daytona Beach who can help you file claims with insurance companies after a crash. Ask insurance adjusters to contact you in writing after an accident. Anything you say over the phone can impact your case, and in the aftermath of a crash, you might be stressed, confused, and unable to convey the full context of events. Anything you say can impact your claim. If you believe you are not receiving the settlement you may deserve, the Graham Law Group, LLC may be able to help you negotiate with insurance companies. Sometimes adjusters use estimates or formulas to determine the value of a claim. Our firm can provide relevant evidence to support your case and claim.
  9. How long will a lawsuit take before I get paid? Every case is unique. Some cases can be settled within a few weeks, while others may take more time. The Graham Law Group, LLC are personal injury lawyers in Daytona Beach, Florida who can review your case and help you understand the next steps.
  10. Do I need a personal injury lawyer after an accident? You might not need a personal injury lawyer for all accident claims. If you were in a car accident and your injuries were minor or if you believe that your insurance company is properly covering all damages, you may be able to handle your claim yourself. However, if you are having trouble seeking a claim from insurance companies, or if you were seriously injured in an accident in Daytona Beach, you may want to speak to the personal injury lawyers at the Graham Law Group, LLC. 

Every personal injury case is unique. The information provided above is intended to be informational and cannot replace the counsel of a qualified personal injury lawyer. If you have questions about your accident, speak to the Daytona Beach, Florida personal injury lawyer at the Graham Law Group, LLC today.